Bachelor of Games Development (Design)

Graduate 2017-2018 | SAE QANTM : Creative Media Institute | Brisbane, Australia



G.I.A.N.T.S is a cooperative local multiplayer puzzle game for 4 players. The developers vision for the game was to combine the qualities of Journey (thatgamecompany) with the cooperation of a game such as Human Fall Flat (No Brakes Games), to deliver a hybrid experience that would be fun for all ages!

As Project Lead I was directly responsible for directing our development team of 10 over 6 months of development; for running weekly team meetings & discussions; for keeping the project in scope in order to meet our ambitious creative milestones.

As Game Designer I was directly responsible for developing the core game concept with the team; for designing levels that complimented cooperative puzzle solving; for creating and testing gameplay flowcharts with our various gameplay interactions, these including our core game mechanics; for developing our colour blind friendly game settings; for our animated cut-scene direction, including narrative and storyboard development alongside our artists; for level art and set dressing (various); for lighting and post FX over the entire game; for design documentation (development, iteration, and management).

Our team was awarded the 'Creative Achievement Award' for the class of 2017 at SAE Creative Media Institute. G.I.A.N.T.S was recognized as being the best and most outstanding major project of any higher education program offered at SAE (Brisbane) for the 2017-2018 year. Our game was also featured on Kotaku AU - "What's Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2017?


Freedom Through A Lens

  • My Role: Game Designer / Developer

  • Team Size: 2

  • Timeline: 1 week

  • Game Jam: Resist Jam 2017

Freedom Through A Lens is a photography exploration game in a painterly visual style created for the #ResistJam. We abide to the 'Freedom of Press' diversifier, in that the game showcases press and journalism through gameplay. I was directly responsible for developing and owning the core game concept; for set creation that complimented our gameplay mechanics; for creating flowcharts for various gameplay interactions (photography hotspots); for all character dialogue writing and the final story which was all implemented using Fungus; I was external collaboration liaison working with our graphic designer/artist.

Media Highlights

Waypoint VICE - "Picture the Surveillance State in this Game"
New Normative: Progressive Gaming - "How public demonstrations become playable"
Warpdoor - Freedom Through A Lens
FreeGamePlanet - Freedom Through A Lens
Jupiter Hadley - YouTuber and writer of Indie Games
GameJamCurator - Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #20


Remnants of Celestial Giants 

  • My Role: Game Designer / Developer

  • Team Size: 1

  • Timeline: 2 days

  • Game Jam: Make-a-thing 2017

Remnants of Celestial Giants is a photography exploration game inspired by the keywords: Remedy, Vermilion, and Parallel. This was a solo project completed for the Make-a-thing 2017 game jam, some elements that I achieved with this project were designing, creating and implementing the VFX, Post FX, Shaders and Graphics into the project that made it visually distinct; The iteration of an established C# code base to best suit my designs, this included implementation of a system that would post screenshots to social media.


Home Grown

  • My Role: Game Designer / Developer / Sound Designer

  • Team Size: 3

  • Timeline: 4 weeks

Home Grown was my first major project at SAE. It explores the feeling of home in the form of the player growing and caring for their own garden. I was directly responsible for the design and ownership of the core game concept; for designing and implementing our unique visual style in the Unity Engine; for all lighting, VFX, Post FX and graphics work in Unity Engine; for scripting our core plant growth cycle for all plant types, the day/night wait cycle, the audio acceleration/pitch/volume system used for plant growth, the companion planting system and the watering and feeding mechanics for the game; for debugging issues and fixing bugs; for conducting public game testing sessions; for pitching ideas and concepts to peers; for representing our project at a public showcase in Brisbane.