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A bit about me…


I’m an experienced game developer who utilizes a broad range of modern design principles while taking a unique, out of the box approach towards game design and its associated fields. I strive to always create fresh gameplay experiences for all players with quality always being an essential.

I entered into the games industry with the goal of ensuring ultimate product quality. I strongly believe that video games are the worlds leading source of interactive entertainment today and for the future. Video games are edging closer and closer to realism every year and the vast amount of tech advancements in both software and hardware used in the production of video games, brings an array of new, challenging, and exciting quality control hurdles for us to overcome as game developers.

I feel at home in my design field and equally so on the front line of quality control. I’m deeply driven by ensuring that games and software, of all types, are ready and able to go out into the world where all people can enjoy them at their highest possible benchmark.

Recently I transitioned into the AAA industry where I’m currently working as a Software Test Engineer at The Coalition (Microsoft Studios) in Vancouver, Canada. Previously, I’ve worked in the Indie industry back home in Brisbane, Australia with the developer Defiant Development.

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Technical Skills


Some selected accolades


AGDA Game of the Year - Hand of Fate 2

Free-play 2018, Non-digital game award - {<>}

SAE Institute, Creative Achievement Award - G.I.A.N.T.S

Kotaku AU, Featured - G.I.A.N.T.S