Hi there, I’m an experienced Game Development Generalist and Lighting Artist working on AAA video games.

I’ve been in the industry for several years and have had a variety of roles on the projects I’ve been apart of. I’m currently on the Quality Assurance team at The Coalition (Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft) working on Gears of War. Previous to that, I was a Game Designer at Defiant Development working on the dungeon-crawler-deckbuilder Hand of Fate 2. I’ve also worked on and released a bunch of indie games which you can view here.

I’m a practicing Lighting Artist. I create my own original scenes in UE4 and undertake relighting studies (typically influenced by aesthetics and film) to better understand and hone my skill set. My style is emphasized by my keen eye for composition and directionality showcased in majority of my scenes. I’ve been working on developing my eye for value and color in an effort to move away from the high contrast aesthetic that I tend towards in my work. My current personal goal is to introduce more subtle use of value, less contrast, less crunchy blacks and blown out whites in my next upcoming scene so as to achieve less aggressive tonal ranges overall.

I gravitate towards my favourite genres when I embark on new career opportunities / projects, my favourite gameplay genres being third-person shooters and narrative driven games, and my favourite genres for visual style being, neo-noir, tech-noir, cyberpunk, and realistic high quality. I have a deep admiration for creatives that are willing to push their understanding of defined genre and to embrace the unknown, seeking new perspective and working what they learn into their own art, thus creating something new and fresh in the process.

Thanks for reading a little bit on what I do / am currently doing, and thanks for checking out all of my work!

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Technical Skills


Some selected accolades


AGDA Game of the Year - Hand of Fate 2

Freeplay 2018, Non-digital Game Award - {<>}

SAE, Creative Achievement Award - G.I.A.N.T.S

Kotaku AU, Featured - G.I.A.N.T.S