I’m an experienced game developer who utilizes a broad range of modern design principles whilst taking a unique and "out of the box" approach towards gameplay systems and mechanics design, I strive to create fresh gameplay experiences for all players with quality always at the forefront.

I believe in being adaptable, dependable and passionate when it comes to the work you do so that's who I am. I approach design problems with a level head and I thrive in collaborative environments where creative challenge is natural. I have a good working knowledge over many areas of development and that’s echoed throughout my past and present experience in the games industry. Whilst being formerly educated as a designer, I'd class myself as a development generalist with a skill set aimed towards design oriented tasks.

I’m in this industry to help ensure ultimate product quality. Video games are edging closer and closer to realism every day and with the vast amount of tech advancements in the software and hardware being used in the production of world class video games, brings with it an array of new and exciting quality assurance hurdles for us to overcome as creatives. Being on the front line of quality control is where I feel most comfortable and where I feel I have a lot to offer the teams I join. I’m driven by ensuring that games, of any type, are ready to go out into the world where people can enjoy them at their highest possible benchmark.

I enjoy wearing very many hats on a project. I've worked closely with the art-side implementation of climate and lighting systems, voice over, animation systems, level design, layout and composition, environment modeling, writing, story development, and I love pitching new ideas!

For more details on my role in various projects please see my Portfolio or Linkedin. To see what I’ve been up to recently, it’s better to contact me via @nicstaracek or by email.


Unity - Scene assembly; C# gameplay scripting; Animation controllers; Voice over and audio triggers; Level and Environment Design (blockout); UI implementation; Lighting and Post FX; Builds

Unreal - Scene assembly; Lighting & Reflections; Import and set up HDRi for skies; Unreal Sequencer (cut-scene lighting); Importing textures and manipulating shaders; General blueprint experience making a responsive AI system; Set up post processing volumes and related parameters

Maya - Modelling, Unwrapping, Importing and Exporting (models)

Adobe Photoshop - Photo manipulation, HDRi manipulation, Creating CLUTs

Substance Painter - Texture Painting, Importing and Exporting (models and textures)

JIRA - Bug reporting, Regression testing, QA

SourceTree - Repository Management (Git), Version Control

Monday - Project Tracking, Workload Management, Task Management


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School - by Matthew Frederick

101 Things I Learned in Urban Design School - by Matthew Frederick

Story : Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting - by Robert McKee

Save the Cat! (The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need) - by Blake Snyder

Film Directing Shot by Shot - Visualizing from Concept to Screen - by Steven D. Katz



Location: Vancouver, BC

Email: nic.staracek@gmail.com

Resume: Available through enquiry